Why is there an annual license and a perpetual license? What is the difference?

This license removes the hassle of having to constantly purchase the newest version of the software, so you will always have the latest features available.

The annual license can be useful if you have a specific or temporary need at a given time or if you cannot offer perpetual license immediately. You can cancel your subscription on demand or via your email account.

Perpetual license (lifetime), will allow you to receive all new versions of the software without worrying about compatibility such as newer operating systems or versions of Excel.

Can I freely distribute my forms once they are added to my files?

Yes, with Developer version. When you create a document with the button "Add the form to the Excel file", you can distribute the file which will then contain one or several built-in user form.
- There is no need for additional licensing. There is no royalty fees
- The form's VBA code is also freely available to modified if desired.

How many userforms can I add to my files to distribute?

With Developer version, as many as you want. Once a userform has been added, you have a new button. By copying those button into a menu worksheet, you can create a full application in a few clicks.

What future updates are planned?

We are continuously developing the 1-Click UserForm, and are always open to suggestions and recommendations for potential features for our products. Please feel free to share any ideas with us. We would love to hear them. You can contact us at:

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