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Creating forms in Excel using VBA is often difficult and time consuming. The 1-Click Userform allows you to create them in seconds without any VBA or programming knowledge:

1-Click Userform is integrated into Excel through a new tab:

The forms are fully customizable through a dialog box option.

The form interface can be personalized to reflect a modern and elegant interface:

A drop-down menu lets you choose the interface language: English or French. Another language can easily be integrated if required (or upon request).

An advanced Filter/Search is included:

Developer version

Creating separate files: one-click and a new button is added to your file to make 1-Click UserForm independent.

You can share it with your customers, employees, suppliers, etc.

The creation of a menu is very fast, simply by copying the button related to the form to a menu worksheet. Worksheets containing data can also be hidden if desired.

VBA code generated for the form itself is open and free to access. It can be changed for an additional layer of customization and adapted to your needs.

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